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Date: April 10, 2004
Place: FyF Arena: 6672 Old Dam Road, Georgetown IL
Time: 2:00 P.M. - Drawing begins, 3:00 P.M. - Matches Begin

Theme: "Enemy" - Sevendust


Watch the RAOV Recap Video here (8.04 MB)

2:00 P.M. on April 10, 2004 marked the official beginning of the 2004 FyF Season. As The Hookster and Tiddie Nashville commentate the event, The Foundation entered for the official match placement for the day. After all the matches were drawn, the days event began.

Tag Team Match
Gooch & Lethal DJ vs Blade & Jeckel
The first match drawn appeared to be Gooch vs Lethal DJ, but when DJ chose "Tag Team" as the gimmick, it completely changed the perspective on the contest. When both FyF Champion Blade AND Hardcore Champion Jeckel were chosen as the opponents, it just about made the two 11 year olds soil themselves. The two FyF titleholders obviously dominated the match, but when Jeckel and Blade's personal rivalry got involved, DJ managed to get an upset pin over the FyF Champion to win the match.
Winners: Gooch & Lethal DJ

FyF Shootfight Title
Trifecta Match
Soldja vs Prep Gone Bad vs Octane vs Brian Henderson
Since a mear eight wrestlers attended RAOV, this concluded the first half of the show. Due to Trifecta Rules, after each man was eliminated, a new gimmick was issued. As the match began, Brian Henderson immediately went after Octane, still bitter about losing his Deathmatch Title at Friday the 13th. The match was quick and really fast paced with Prep Gone Bad being the first eliminated after a devestating Dragon Dive Vendetta by Soldja & Brian. Next was Octane falling victim to a sit-out powerbomb on 4 cookie sheets and the side a chair leaving the two Foundation members to battle for the belt. Since no one placed the Shootfight Title on the rope above the ring, it became another Hardcore match for the title. Brian almost had the belt in his grasp after a frying pan shot to Soldja's FACE and a dragon sleeper through the ropes. When he went for the Vendetta, Soldja reversed into the Dragon Dive followed by a Schmit-ton Bomb through a table to retain the title.
Winner: Soldja

TLC Match
Lethal DJ vs Prep Gone Bad vs Gooch
The second half of the show began with Gooch as a surprise entrant into the match. He was scheduled in the Aluminum Man Match against Jeckel and Octane. During the contest, Prep managed to feed Lethal DJ a "Gooch Taco" in the corner and follow it up with a Final Exam through a table on DJ to get the win.
Winner: Prep Gone Bad

FyF Title
Lumberjack Match
Blade vs Soldja
With the other six RAOV wrestlers plus Tiddie Nashville surrounding the ring, the FyF Title match was underway. It featured two of the three members of the FyF's premier faction, the Foundation, and it didn't disapoint. Blade showed his technical skill with a variety of suplexes from germans to t-bones to belly-to-belly overheads and in the end, was able to hit the Darkness Falls to successfully retain his FyF Heavyweight Championship.
Winner: Blade

FyF Hardcore Title
20 Minute Aluminum Man Match
Jeckel vs Gooch vs Octane
As the participants and audience alike sat prepared to see the Aluminum Man Match, The Foundation's music hits and out come Brian Henderson and Soldja. With Octane and Jeckel both in the ring, Brian Henderson makes the announcement that even though all of the days matches were determined at random, he is still the owner and still holds the power to change any match he wishes. With this, he announces this to be not an Aluminum Man Match, but a Four Corners Deathmatch for Octane's Deathmatch Championship!!!

FyF Deathmatch Title
Four Corners Deathmatch
Octane vs Jeckel vs Brian Henderson vs Soldja
With this match being added at the last minute as the main event, none of the four competitors had any time whatsoever to prepare for it. With Brian Henderson's obsession to regain the Deathmatch Title, he seems to stack the deck against Octane in this match. With four competitors and two Foundation members, the odds are in the favor of the owner. As the Foundation storm the ring, they are caught in a couple suplexes from Jeckel and Octane. Within minutes, the Deathmatch weapons come into play. The FyF Owner was the first to bring out the florescent bulbs, utilizing some briliant teamwork with Soldja to punish Octane. Brian, unrelenting, begins digging the remains of a broken bulb into his head! On the opposite side of the ring, Soldja and Jeckel begin trading punches, Jeckel gains control, and delivers the sickest piledriver the FyF has ever seen! Octane makes his way into the storage shed and emerges with a handful of 4 foot bulbs! Immediately one goes over the owner's back, followed by Jeckel, and finishing with a sittilating shot over Soldja's NECK! With Octane now in control, he hammers Soldja with a glass picture frame, sending him to seek solitude within the crowd for a few minutes. Once Octane was taken down in a pile of broken glass, the Foundation takes the opportunity to deliver two big time legdrops when Jeckel sneaks behind Brian Henderson and executes a reverse suplex onto the remaining glass shards found in the ring. Minutes later, Jeckel delivers a Jackhammer-style suplex to Octane, following up with a beautiful standing moonsalt. As Jeckel turns around, there lies Soldja with another 4 foot bulb and this time, the commentators and the front row felt it (sorry Kaci and Kayla). While everyone else was distracted, Brian took the opportunity to get his favorite weapon of choice....the thumbtacks! He spills over 2,000 of these critters all over the ring and proceeds to deliver the Vendetta to Octane on the pile. Keep in mind that for the remainder of this match that their are over 2,000 tacks plus a ton of broken glass covering the ring mat. Octane regains the advantage and delivers a series of powerbombs on both Foundation members on the pile of tacks! With Brian Henderson down, Jeckel sets him on the table, climbs the ladder, and hits a moonsalt! With this move, he also unknowingly hit a handfull of light tubes Soldja was carrying in, sending a teeter-totter effect into Soldja's groin!!! After a couple minutes of wondering if he could ever produce children, Soldja was back on top of things...a ladder mainly. With Octane down, Soldja hits a Houston Hangover from the 10 foot ladder! Following this, Jeckel nailed another moonsalt and Soldja goes up again. Jeckel laid out a couple feet from the ladder, Soldja connects with the move thats won him so many matches....The Schmit-ton Bomb! As he covers, Brian Henderson is the one to break it up! He states that its his title and he is gonna be the one to win it. As the two get into a minor skirmish, Jeckel manages to get back up and set Brian in the corner. He ascends the opposite buckle and....YES! COAST TO COAST KICK to Brian Henderson! With all three men down temporarily, Octane takes advantage of the situation and hits the double arm DDT on Jeckel for the 1, 2, 3, and walks out of the most brutal FyF match of all time still the Deathmatch Champion!
Winner: Octane

This is the point when Brian Henderson announces the main event for FyF Disposable Teens to take place May 8, 2004. The match will be Octane & Jeckel vs Brian Henderson & Blade for the Deathmatch Title one last time! This is Brian Henderson's last chance at becoming the Deathmatch Champion which he feels he always has been. Will he do it? Will Octane retain the title? Or will FyF Champion Blade use the opportunity to add another piece of gold to his collection? Find out May 8, 2004 at Disposable Teens!!!

Rules and Instructions

Matches will ALL be named at RANDOM. Drawing begins at 2:00 for match placement. All wrestlers are required to attend no later than 1:30 P.M. If you know you will be late, if you need a ride, or if you have any questions, call or e-mail FyF Owner Brian Henderson at FyFBrian@charter.net or 662-2950.


1. All matches to be announced at beginning of show. Wrestlers and match type will be drawn completely at random.
2. All champions are required to have a match.
3. All titles are potentially on the line, if more than one title is available in a single match, the more valuable title is automatically defended. If there is a tie (World & Deathmatch or Shootfight & TV), then a coin flip decides which title is defended.

Order of Operations:

1. FyF Owner Brian Henderson or an unbiased audience member will draw the first wrestler=s name at random.
2. The chosen wrestler will then draw a match style, or gimmick, at random.
3. He then chooses his opponent (or first opponent if more than one) at random. If the match has 3 or more participants, wrestler #2 chooses wrestler #3, wrestler #3 chooses #4, etc.
4. After all matches are determined, order of importance is decided and the show begins.
5. Before each match, the FyF Owner will explain the rules of the contest and announce participants.

Example Match - This is an example of what MIGHT occur during drawing. Example ONLY, not a real match at the show:

1. The FyF Owner randomly chooses a name - Blade.
2. Blade then chooses the match style - First Blood.
3. Blade chooses his opponent - Octane.
4. Blade currently has the FyF Title, Octane with the Deathmatch Title - two championships of equal value.
Due to deathmatch stipulations, the title can be defended in a First Blood Match. A coin is flipped to determine which is on the line - Deathmatch.
5. This makes the final match - FyF Deathmatch Title - First Blood - Blade vs Octane
6. Before this match takes place, the supplies for this match style are placed in accessible areas. In this case we will place barbed wire, thumbtacks, light tubes and various hardcore objects around the ring.
7. Brian Henderson explains the rules, announces the participants, and the match begins.

Possible Match Stipulations and Rules - Any of these matches, and maybe more, will be possibilities at Random Acts of Violence:

Any match marked with a * requires a deathmatch waiver to be signed. If it is not signed, the wrestler will have to choose another match. These are also the ONLY matches in which the Deathmatch Title can be defended due to the championship's stipulation to only be defended in a deathmatch environment. If the current Deathmatch Champion, Octane, is involved in a different match, for example TLC, then his championship is NOT on the line.

# Match Type # of Participants Stipulations Ways to Win
1. Normal Match 2 Standard rules Pinfall, Submission, Count Out
2. Hardcore Match 2 Hardcore weapons available, falls count anywhere Pinfall, Submission
3. 2/3 Falls 2 First man with two wins is the winner of the match Pinfall, Submission, Count Out
4. Falls Count Anywhere 2 Falls count anywhere Pinfall, Submission
5. Tag Team Match 4 Standard rules Pinfall, Submission, Count Out
6. TLC Match 2 Tables, Ladder, and Chairs Available Title: Grab the Belt
Non-Title: Pinfall, Submission
7. Deathmatch* 2 Hardcore and Deathmatch weapons available Pinfall, Submission
8. I Quit Match 2 Hardcore weapons available Force opponent to verbally give up or tap out

Trifecta Match A

4 After each elimination, new match begins Follow rules for specific matches

Trifecta Match B*
Hardcore/Deathmatch/I Quit

4 After each elimination, new match begins Follow rules for specific matches
11. Battle Royal 6 No voluntary ring-out allowed. All participants chosen may also have another match on the show Throw opponents over the top rope

Gauntlet Match

4 #1 & #2 begin the match, winner battles #3, winner battles #4 Pinfall, Submission, Count Out
13. Crybaby Match 2 Loser must wear a diaper for the remainder of the show Pinfall, Submission, Count Out
14. First Blood* 2 Deathmatch weapons available Cause opponent to bleed
15. Iron Chef 2 Any food product we find plus hardcore weapons available Pinfall, Submission
16. Aluminum Man Match 2 Twenty-minute time limit is set, wrestlers battle for most falls Pinfall, Submission - most at the end of the 20 minutes wins
17. "Strange Items" Hardcore Match 2 Generally like a Hardcore Match, but with abnormal objects thrown in that you may not think of to be in a wrestling match. Pinfall, Submission

AI=m actually gonna get paid for this!@ Match

2 Bucket of money from donations for the day is hung above the ring. Only wrestlers who donated are allowed to participate. Grab the bucket
18. Item on a Rope Match 2 Ladder and hardcore weapons available
First participant chosen gets an item of his choice to hang above the ring.
Pinfall, Submission
19. Participant’s Pick --- First participant chosen gets his choice of ANY match type he wishes, although opponent(s) are still chosen at random ---