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Date: May 15, 2004
Place: FyF Arena: 6672 Old Dam Road, Georgetown IL
Time: 2:00 P.M.

Theme: "Disposable Teens" - Marilyn Manson

Photos from Disposable Teens
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(full results and video montage will be up shortly)

soldja_down2.JPG (2505 bytes)
Joker Nails a Pildriver!
soldja_down_again2.JPG (3794 bytes)
Soldja Down During the Iron Chef
kev_dev2.JPG (2287 bytes)
Devin vs Chet
kev_dev_rockn_baby2.JPG (3143 bytes)
Chet with the Sidewalk Slam!
kev_dev_floor2.JPG (2888 bytes)
Devin Makes His Brother Tap!
octane_beatin_shit_outta_brian2.JPG (2633 bytes)
Brian Gettin' Annihilated with the Tack Bat!
dayam2.JPG (3747 bytes)
Blade Feels the Effect of Jeckel's Powerbomb
brian_flyin_high2.JPG (3321 bytes)
Brian Slides Out of Jeckel's Clutches
whatta_mess2.JPG (3199 bytes)
Blade with the Setup...
outside_the_ring2.JPG (3516 bytes)
Devestating Piledriver on the Outside!

Post-Show Photos
After the best show the FyF has ever done, we had to get some pics

DisTeensBrian-Arm2.JPG (3159 bytes)
Brian's Arm
DisTeensJeckel-Leg2.JPG (2111 bytes)
Jeckel's Leg
DisTeensOctane-Back2.JPG (2738 bytes)
Octane's Back
DisTeensOctane2.JPG (2270 bytes)
Octane's Head
DisTeensBrian-DM Title2.JPG (2978 bytes)
Brian After his Win
DisTeensGroup12.JPG (2607 bytes)
Group Shot
DisTeensGroup22.JPG (2415 bytes)
Group Shot
(forgot to put Blade in the first one)

Main Event
FyFDeathmatch2.JPG (8816 bytes)FyFWorld2.JPG (7845 bytes)
FyF Deathmatch Championship
FyF Heavyweight Championship

EvOctane-Deathmatch.JPG (5451 bytes)


EvJeckel.JPG (5959 bytes)


EvBrian.JPG (4462 bytes)
Brian Henderson


EvBlade_-_FyF_Title.JPG (7192 bytes)

FyFShootfight2.JPG (4817 bytes)
FyF Shootfight Title
Iron Chef Match

EvJoker - SF.JPG (4839 bytes)


EvSoldja_2004.JPG (4485 bytes)

FyFTV2.JPG (8173 bytes)

FyF Television Title

EvTV - Lethal DJ.JPG (4733 bytes)
Lethal DJ


EvGooch.JPG (6308 bytes)


#1 Contenders Match
I Quit Match

EvWolverine.JPG (4620 bytes)
Devin McCloud


EvIceman.JPG (3962 bytes)
Chet McCloud