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September 12, 2004

FyF World Heavyweight Championship

Brian Henderson




FyF Shootfight Title

Falls Count Anywhere




FyF Hardcore Title

"Sugar" Shane Moore


"Archangel" Phil Schmit


Hardcore Championship
"Sugar" Shane Moore vs "Archangel" Phil Schmit

Show started off with the self-proclaimed "Superstar Destroyer" Shane Moore defending his freshly won Hardcore Championship against "Archangel" Phil Schmit. In a well fought contest between two of the biggest up-and-coming stars in the FyF, we saw these former CWWF friends take each other to the limit, but when Schmit went for the Angeldust, Sugar managed to reverse it into The Big O for the three count.

Winner: "Sugar" Shane Moore via Big O

Following Archangels match, he went to the back where he was met by Soldja, who was preparing for his upcoming title defense. As the two were talking, FyF Owner and Heavyweight Champion Brian Henderson arrived and congratulated Phil on his match. He also signed the #1 contenders match for Soldja's Shootfight Championship at Domestic Disturbance, pitting Archangel against Joker next week on Warfare! He then wished Soldja good luck on his match with Jeckel, but he had to leave the arena, but would return later that day.

Shootfight Championship
Falls Count Anywhere
Soldja vs Jeckel

In yet another epic encounter between these two, Jeckel battled for Soldja's Shootfight Title in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Soldja ended up gaining the victory after a quick rollup, but that was the cue for the Untouchables to attack. After the match was decided, Blade interfered as he and Jeckel completely dismantled the Shootfight Champion, focusing their attack on the midsection of Soldja. After the beating was over, both Blade and Jeckel left ringside with sadistic smiles as they watch Soldja writhe in pain.

Winner: Soldja via rollup

Following the attack on Soldja, FyF Champion Brian Henderson returned to a distraught Phil Schmit. Phil informed Brian of the Untouchables' attack and Henderson sent him to tend to Soldja as he stormed the ring. The FyF Owner calls out both Blade & Jeckel, but only Blade shows up, claiming Jeckel did what he needed to do and left the arena. Henderson challenged Blade to a match and even went as far as to put the FyF Title on the line. Blade accepts and the match begins.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Brian Henderson vs Blade

This impromptu match started off furiously. Henderson spent the opening minutes dominating until Blade started an attack on the right knee of Henderson. Back and forth action for nearly 15 minutes with Blade nailing a Chopping Block as well as an insane dragon screw leg-whip, further injuring the right leg and knee of the FyF Champion. The closing moments of the match saw Henderson connecting with the hottest move in wrestling today, The Detonator, but before he could make the cover, Jeckel interferes knocking the ref down and hitting a Cutting Edge! Jeckel quickly exits the ring as Blade drapes an arm over Henderson, 1...2....3! New FyF Heavyweight Champion! The IWF may have lost the company at Downfall, but the Untouchables seem to have pulled one over on the Foundation and the FyF. After Jeckel's King of the Ring victory at Pandemonium, he is guarenteed the #1 contention spot at Domestic Disturbance, but now with Blade carrying the FyF Title, it looks as though it will be partner vs partner at Domestic Disturbance for the FyF Championship!

Winner: Blade via interference by Jeckel