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September 19, 2004


Brian Henderson & Soldja


Blade & Jeckel


Herman Beaver


Pain Train


"Sugar" Shane Moore


"Primetime" Willy Blaze

Shootfight Title #1 Contenders Match



"Archangel" Phil Schmit


The show's opening saw NEW FyF Champion Blade along with Jeckel conducting an interview regarding the events that took place last week. In come the Foundation of the FyF, Brian Henderson and Soldja. Henderson actually congratulates Blade on his title victory and says to take good care of the title because it will be back around his waist soon enough. He also points out that the efforts of the Untouchables to take out Soldja and himself were unsuccessful. Soldja may have busted up ribs and Henderson with a badly damaged knee, but they're still alive and still here on Warfare. He then signs tonight's main event: The Untouchables - Blade and Jeckel versus The Foundation - Brian Henderson and Soldja!

Shootfight Title #1 Contender's Match
Joker vs "Archangel" Phil Schmit

The first match of the show was Archangel's shot for the title match at Domestic Disturbance. Since his induction into the FyF in March of 2003, championships have eluded him. Now he got his match, and if he beat Joker, he'd battle his cousin Soldja at Domestic Disturbance for the Shootfight Championship. Things didn't go as planned for the Archangel, and after interference from Willy Blaze, he was hit with a devestating twisting fisherman-plex from Joker and was counted down for the three. After the match however, Primetime and Joker double-teamed Schmit, seeming to have some sort of unity between the two of them.

Winner: Joker via Twisting Fisherman

Pain Train vs Herman Beaver

In his fist match since Downfall, when "Sugar" Shane Moore ended Train's undefeated streak, he went on a rampage and completely dominated the biggest of the Beavers. Even after nailing a career-shortening Twisted Track Slam, Train still allowed Herman to get up. Following that was a devastating powerbomb and the debut of Pain Train's new move, the Train Bomb (Vader Bomb) and soon after, a three count.

Winner: Pain Train via Train Bomb

After Pain Train's victory, all three Beaver kids began attacking him as Brian Henderson, bad leg and all, makes the save. Train seems to take offense to Henderson coming in when "the pre-school kids have a field trip" but when he was against Sugar Shane, Brian was nowhere to be found. Henderson proposes his idea to prove his allegiance to the Train and that he is still an intrical part of the Foundation by challenging Sugar Shane for the Hardcore Championship at Domestic Disturbance. He also schedules Pain Train in a 3-on-1 handicap match for Domestic Disturbance against all three Beaver Brothers! And to top it off, he also schedules one-half of the double main event for next week's Warfare....Brian Henderson & Pain Train vs "Primetime" Willy Blaze & "Sugar" Shane Moore vowing to make it up to Train for not being there for him at Downfall.

"Sugar" Shane Moore vs "Primetime" Willy Blaze

Even though they are partners next week, Sugar and Primetime are on opposite sides of the ring tonight. In Sugar's pre-match comments, he states that there is no way that Henderson can beat him when it comes to the Hardcore Championship and he could care less that the "King of the Deathmatch" is coming after him. He simply states that Henderson will be just another name on the list of superstars he's destroyed. Then on with the match. With this being non-title, no hardcore weapons are allowed, but that doesn't stop Shane any. Major high-impact moves from both men, but when Primetime goes to the top, he's tripped up by Archangel allowing Moore to hit a middle-rope Big O for a three count. Afterwards, Phil attacks Blaze and hits his Twisting Swanton manuever, which seemed to impress Sugar. Moore offers a handshake, but hits a Big O on Archangel as well! Once again, Sugar Shane gets a victory and adds another name to his list.

Winner: "Sugar" Shane Moore via Big O

The Foundation: Soldja & Brian Henderson vs The Untouchables: Blade & Jeckel

Tremendous tag team match with multiple highlights. With both Henderson and Soldja coming into this match injured, it looked like only a matter of time before The Untouchables would finish the job they started last week. This was not the case. The Foundation held their own and gave 110% despite their injuries, with Henderson hitting a Power-Driver on Blade and a top rope flying forearm. Soldja took to the air delivering two Schmit-ton Bomb's, one to Jeckel's chest and one to his, uh....nether-regions as well as a Russian Roulette to Jeckel's back. During the match, the Untouchables seemed to further damage the leg of Henderson by using two massive chop-blocks and the infamous corkscrew-dragonwhip by Blade. As soon as they thought victory was their's, Brian managed to tag out, bringing Soldja into the mix once again. After delivering a Dragon Dive to Blade as Henderson hit the Detonator on Jeckel, Soldja makes the cover for the three! The Foundation wins despite all odds!

Winners: The Foundation via Dragon Dive

Before going off the air, Henderson takes this opportunity to schedule the second half of next weeks double main event. He says since he doesn't want Blade to fight his friend Jeckel at Domestic Disturbance, he's going to book him in an FyF Championship Match next week on Warfare, one week before Domestic Disturbance! And to top it off, his opponent will be the man who beat him tonight, Soldja!