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2004 Domestic Disturbance Royal Rumble Winner

Winner: Soldja
Date Won: Domestic Disturbance - October 3, 2004
Last Eliminating: Brian Henderson
How Match Was Won: After the oWc made their presence felt and completely annihilated Soldja and Henderson, they preceded to eliminate themselves and force the two Foundation brothers to do battle for the spot at Now or Never. As both men went over the top, only one of Soldja's feet hit the floor before he slid back in, giving him the victory and the title match at Now or Never!



2004 King of the Ring

Winner: Jeckel
Date Won: Pandemonium - July 10, 2004
Final Opponent: "Primetime" Willy Blaze
How Match Was Won: In Jeckel's third match of the afternoon, he was faced with the leader of the BWA, Willy Blaze. The two gave it all they had, but in the end, Jeckel came out the victor and 2004 FyF King of the Ring!



2003 MVP of the Year

Brian Henderson


2003 Match of the Year / Event of the Year

FyF Undisputed - July 12, 2003
FyF Heavyweight Championship - Iron Man Match
Brian Henderson vs Jeckel


2003 Domestic Disturbance Royal Rumble Winner

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Winner: Jeckel
Date Won: Domestic Disturbance - October 18, 2003
Last Eliminating: Octane
How Match Was Won: FyF Champion Jeckel not only had a successful title defense at Domestic Disturbance against Brian Henderson, he also won the day's Royal Rumble. Upon the victory, he found a loophole in the match. The stipulation stated that the winner would receive full control over his match at the next show, Stairway to Hell. Jeckel used this to his advantage and gave himself a title shot at Blade's Undisputed Hardcore Title. Once he did this, it made the title revert to its previous form as a disputable FyF championship.



2003 King of the FyF

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Winner: Soldja
Date Won: Pandemonium - August 30, 2003
Final Opponent: Brian Henderson
How Match Was Won: Soldja defeated three family members in this pay per view to become the 2003 King of the FyF as well as our first Television Champion. He defeated brother Gooch in round 1 by submission, cousin Prep Gone Bad in round 2 by a frog splash, and uncle Brian Henderson in the finals with a frog splash off the ladder.



2002 MVP of the Year



2002 Match of the Year

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The South Texas Deathmatch
Brian Henderson vs Octane


2002 Domestic Disturbance Royal Rumble Winner

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Winner: Alkatraz
Date Won: Domestic Disturbance - September 13, 2002
Last Eliminating: Colton Splane
How Match Was Won: Alkatraz made an awesome debut in the FyF by being the final entrant in the 2002 Domestic Disturbance Royal Rumble and winning the contest. He last eliminated the returning Colton Splane by throwing him on his head off the trampoline into a pile of boxes, giving him a spot in the FyF Title match later that day.



2002 Champion of the Trampoline

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Winner: Jason
Date Won: Champion of the Trampoline - June 19, 2002
Final Opponent: The Icepick
How Match Was Won: Jason met The Icepick in an 8 man tournament to decide the Champion of the Trampoline for 2002. Jason lost his first round match to Gas X, but due to a wild card, Jason made his way into round 2 to defeat Wuke, and then go on to the final and defeat The Icepick.