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Real Name: Sam Gilkison

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Age: 15
Height/Weight: 6'3"/200 lbs
Theme Song: "Seek and Destroy" - Metallica
FyF Tenure: September 13, 2002 - April 17, 2004
Former Personas: None
Titles Held: 2002 Domestic Disturbance Royal Rumble Winner
Greatest Match: 9/13/02 - Domestic Disturbance - Alkatraz vs Jason vs Soldja vs Brian Henderson
Finishing Move(s): Chokeslam
Signature Moves: Alkatraz Legdrop (Leg drop with one leg crossed under the other), Gutwrench Suplex, Knee Drop
Information: Alkatraz entered the scene in September of 2002 with a bang. As a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble, he dominated the match and lastly eliminated Colton Splane to gain a spot in the day's FyF Title match. He had a great showing during the match and nearly won the FyF Championship his first day out, but in the end Brian Henderson hit a double-leg legdrop through a table for the victory. His last official match was on March 31, 2003 when he battled Scary Josh, but he never officially quit the company. On April 17, 2004 The FyF Owner set an ultimatum for inactive wrestlers. Since Alkatraz did not have a signed contract, he was released from the federation.

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