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Real Name: Michael Vest

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Age: 15
Height/Weight: 5'10/160 lbs
Theme Song: "555 to 666" - Slipknot
FyF Tenure: July 11, 2003 - March 2, 2004
Former Personas: Jess Christ (HEY-sue-s chris-TEE)
Titles Held: Shootfight Title (2x)
Greatest Match: 2/13/04 - Friday the 13th - Bloodthirst vs Soldja
Finishing Move(s): TKO (Spinning Stunner), Bloodsault (Twisting Swanton)
Signature Moves: Torture Rack, Bulldog, Moonsault, Standing Moonsault
Information: Entering the wrestling scene in July of 2003, Jess Christ shocked the FyF roster when he won the Shootfight Title in his debut match at Undisputed. Since returning as Bloodthirst, he has chalked up an impressive resume with his matches against Soldja and Brian Henderson as well as showing his allegiance to the newest FyF faction, Mexican Heritage. With El Nio and Joker in his corner, the two-time Shootfight Champion was on a quick rise to the top, until certain information was brought to the attention of the FyF staff which abrubtly ended his FyF career in March of 2004 and caused him to move back to New Mexico.

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