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FyF Heavyweight Champion

Current Champion: Brian Henderson
Date Won: Undisputed 2 - June 12, 2004
Won From: Blade
How Title Was Won: It was champion vs champion in the main event of FyF Undisputed 2 when Brian Henderson put his Deathmatch Championship up against Blade's FyF Championship. With Blade duct taped to a table, Brian climbed the 18 foot garage and finished him off with a massive splash to win the Last Man Standing match and the FyF Undisputed Championship!
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FyF Hardcore Champion


Current Champion: Pain Train
Date Won: Pandemonium - July 10, 2003
Won From: Jeckel & "Sugar" Shane Moore
How Title Was Won: In Jeckel's second of three matches that day, he put up his Hardcore Championship against Pain Train and "Sugar" Shane Moore. All three men went through hell and after Sugar was handcuffed, Train made a leap off the ladder to put Jeckel through a table and seconds later, win the Hardcore Championship!
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FyF Shootfight Champion

Current Champion: Soldja
Date Won: Pandemonium - July 10, 2004
Won From: "Iceman" Chet McCloud
How Title Was Won: After abducting Chet McCloud's girlfriend, K-Lia Ice, Soldja demanded the title shot and McCloud was quick to accept. In what was arguably the best match of the day, the two high flyers went at it in a "manager vs belt" match. Once it looked like the Iceman's victory was immanent, K-Lia shocked the world when she turned on her now ex-boyfriend and delivered the tornado ddt! 3 seconds later, a new Shootfight Champion was crowned!

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