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FyF Deathmatch Championship
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#4 Brian Henderson
Date Won: Disposable Teens - May 15, 2004
How Title Was Won: In the Tag Team Deathmatch at Disposable Teens, all four men went through hell in an effort to prove that they are the man to beat in the FyF, but in the end, it was Brian Henderson getting the pinfall over Jeckel to become the FyF Deathmatch Champion and lay claim to the label of  "King of the Deathmatch" here in the Front Yard Federation!


#3 Octane
Date Won: Friday the 13th - February 13, 2004
How Title Was Won: On Friday the 13th, Octane regained the Deathmatch Title from Brian Henderson. Octane was stripped of the title in early 2003 for two consecutive no-shows at FyF events, but proved that he is a true deathmatch competitor when he delivered the Torpedo Slam to Brian Henderson onto a pile of light bulbs and barbed wire.


#2 Brian Henderson
Date Won: Disposable Teens - May 31, 2003
How Title Was Won: The match was scheduled to be a rematch between Brian Henderson and Octane, but Octane no-showed for the second show in a row. Brian then vacated Octane's Deathmatch Title and made an open challenge for the Barbed Wire Ladder Deathmatch. Jeckel accepted the challenge, but was unable to secure the titles. Brian broke a solid window over his head and grabbed both championships. Afterwards, Jeckel gave him an F-5 on a bed of barbed wire.


#1 Octane
Date Won: King of the Deathmatch - November 8, 2002
How Title Was Won: Octane battled the FyF's Owner in the most brutal contest the FyF has ever seen. The two went through light bulbs, thumbtacks, chairs, chalkboards, doors, and tables and in the end, Brian receives a chokeslam from the top of a truck through a 5 layer flaming light bulb table and Octane receives the Deathmatch Championship.


FyF Heavyweight Title
FyF Midwest Title
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FyF Shootfight Title

FyF Hardcore Title
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FyF Television Title
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FyF Deathmatch Title
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FyF Hardcore Title Version 1
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FyF Tag Team Titles