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Gas X

Real Name: Jake Amos

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Match Dates:
June 19, 2002 - Gas X vs Jason
June 19, 2002 - Gas X vs The Icepick
June 19, 2002 - Gas X vs The Geyser vs The Shoveler
Information: The other stupid fat guy definitely lives up to the name. This guy was about 12, 150 lbs plus, and couldn't do anything but throw people off the trampoline. He was the reason Nevin Verhoeven (Gooch, The Hardcore Referee, The Geyser) was hospitalized with 2 bruised ribs. At this time, we were told to make a choice. Either Jake doesn't ever come back or we couldn't hold FyF matches at that residence any more. Well, the choice was simple...see ya later gassy.

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