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"The Iceman" Chet McCloud

Real Name: Kevin Hooks

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Age: 18
Height/Weight: 5'9"/150 lbs
Theme Song: "Dead Cell" - Papa Roach
FyF Tenure: March 29, 2004 - July 10, 2004
Former Personnas: None
FyF Titles Held: Unified Shootfight/Television Champion
CWWF Titles Held: Cruisercore Champion (4x), Tag Team Champion, CEW Heavyweight Champion
Greatest Match: 5/15/04 - Disposable Teens - I Quit Match - The Iceman vs Wolverine
Finishing Move(s): Sky High (Jumping Tornado DDT)
Signature Moves: Icebreaker (Standing Moonsalt), Spinebuster
Information: Chet McCloud faught his way into the FyF along with his brother Devin. These former CWWF (Catlin-Westville Wrestling Federation) mega-stars made their official FyF debut on March 29, 2004. The following week, Iceman was forced into a match with the owner of the FyF, Brian Henderson, with a potential FyF Contract on the line. After FyF Champion Blade interfered and inadvertantly nailed the owner with the FyF Title, Iceman planted the former Deathmatch Champion with the Tornado DDT and secured himself a place in the Front Yard Federation. Winning the Unified Shootfight/Television Championship at FyF Undisputed 2, it looked like The Iceman was on a rise to the top. But after battling the FyF Franchise Soldja at Pandemonium and not only losing his championship, but also girlfriend K-Lia Ice to the man with the privates, he decided that the FyF was not the place for him, packed his bags, and left.

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