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FyF Cornerstone

Real Name: Tyler Brandt

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Age: 14
Height/Weight: 5'5"/135 lbs
Theme Song: "Bodies" - Drowning Pool
FyF Tenure: May 22, 2002 - February 2004
FyF Return: October 3, 2004
Former Personnas: Man Meat
Titles Held: Heavyweight Title, Shootfight Title, Hardcore Title V1 (2x), 2002 Champion of the Trampoline
Greatest Match: 6/25/02 - Ladder Match - Jason vs The Icepick
Finishing Move(s): Final Cut (Implant DDT)
Signature Moves: Diving Elbow, Rolling Thunder
Information: Jason was one of the originators of the Front Yard Federation back when we used trampolines and cardboard boxes as standard. He has had some amazing matches (for their time) with Soldja, Brian Henderson, and Pyro. But in February of 2004, Jason's family moved to Florida and thus an FyF Cornerstone and former Heavyweight Champion was lost. Now that he's returned, he looks to reclaim some of the fame he helped start, setting his sights on FyF gold.

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