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Kwazy Kwacka
RIP - July 8, 2004

Real Name: ???

Age: ???
Height/Weight: ???
Theme Song: "Disco Duck" - Rick Dees
FyF Debut: March 18, 2004 - July 8, 2004
Former Personas: None
Titles Held: None
Greatest Match: 3/18/04 - Kwazy Kwacka vs Bea Mex
Finishing Move(s):
Signature Moves:
Information: One word could describe this guy - Ritalin. Whoever he is, he needs to be on A LOT of it. His debut match against Bea Mex on March 18 was much like Goldberg vs Lesnar at WrestleMania XX, but only if Goldberg and Brock smoked a half-pound of crack beforehand. A twenty minute match with 2 minutes of moves and 18 minutes spent spazzing out. Nevertheless, another screwed up masked wrestler has been added to the FyF roster to accompany the likes of Bea Mex, The Ritalin Kid, Demonoid, and Diablo.

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