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Louie the Lizard

Real Name: Louie

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Age: 2 (approximately)
Height/Weight/Length: 3"/8 lbs/3'2"
Theme Song: "Louie Louie" - The Clash
FyF Tenure: July 6, 2002 - September 14, 2002
Former Personnas: None
Titles Held: Hardcore V1
Greatest Match: 7/6/02 - Impromptu Hardcore Title Match - Louie the Lizard vs The Mangler
Finishing Move(s): The Reptillian Deathroll (Bite Down and Spin)
Signature Moves: Bite, Tail Whip, Scratching
Information: Louie made FyF history on July 6, 2002 when he became the first of his species to hold an FyF title. Moments after The Mangler Matt Richards won the Hardcore Title, Louie crawled up on the man's unconscious body and three seconds later, became the Hardcore Champion! But due to the fact that he couldn't officially defend the title, it was vacated and decided at the FyF Pay Per View Domestic Disturbance. Sadly, soon after retiring from the ranks of the FyF, Louie was stricken by an illness called "rubber jaw" and passed on shortly thereafter. You will be missed my friend, but your death shall not be in vain. You will live on eternally in the hearts of all FyF wrestlers, in whose company you represented for two full months as their Hardcore Champion

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