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The Mangler

Real Name: Matt Richards

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Age: 17
Height/Weight: 5'10"/225 lbs
Theme Song: "Sweet Dreams" - Marilyn Manson
FyF Tenure: May 29, 2002 - July 6, 2002
Former Personnas: Monstrous Matt
Titles Held: Shootfight, Hardcore V1 (2x)
Greatest Match: 6/19/02 - Champion of the Trampoline - The Mangler vs Brian Henderson
Finishing Move(s): The Matthammer (Jackhammer)
Signature Moves: Chokeslam, Samoan Drop
Information: The Mangler's stay in the FyF was cut short when he was accepted to DeVry University and decided to try to make something of himself rather than hang out in central Illinois and wrestle for free. Up until his departure, he had only a few matches to speak about, most notably his Hardcore Title defense against Brian Henderson at Champion of the Trampoline. Other career highlights (or lowlights) would be losing the Hardcore Championship to the Icepick after being hit with a singing fish, doing an in-match promo for Lipton Brisk Iced Tea, and taking an asthma-induced nap after winning the Hardcore Title only to lose it to an iguana named Louie the Lizard as he crawled onto The Mangler's chest.

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