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Scary Josh

Real Name: Josh Gores

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Age: 16
Height/Weight: 5'9"/145 lbs
Theme Song: "Area Codes" - Ludicris
FyF Tenure: March 25, 2003 - May 31, 2003
Former Personnas: None
Titles Held: Shootfight Title
Greatest Match: 3/25/03 - Scary Josh vs Jeckel vs Blackout
Finishing Move(s): None
Signature Moves: Stunner, DDT
Information: Scary Josh is the older brother of FyF cornerstone Jason. He was recently released from juvinile hall and came back with a new attitude and a new tatoo. After a brief stint in the FyF, along with a very short title reign, he was placed back in juvinile hall for a short time. Word has it that he has recently got out, but we here at the FyF haven't heard from him about a possible return.

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