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"Sugar" Shane Moore
"The Superstar Destroyer"

Real Name: Tyler Taylor

Age: 18
Height/Weight: 6'2"/165 lbs
Theme Song: "Getting Away with Murder" - Papa Roach
Debut: March 29, 2004
Former Personas: "Wolverine" Devin McCloud
Titles Held: Midwest Title (first, current), Hardcore Title (final), FyF Commissioner (current)
Greatest Match: 10/5/04 - Domestic Disturbance - "Sugar" Shane Moore vs Brian Henderson
Finishing Move(s): The Big O (RKO), Moore-al Support (Crippler Crossface)
Signature Moves: Moore-ality Check (Rock Bottom), The Destroyer (Sky High)
Information: Originally entering the federation as Devin McCloud, Sugar Shane made an immediate impact by defeating then-FyF Champion Blade in a non-title match to obtain his FyF contract. Since then he has made a name for himself by means of his smash-mouth style and no-nonsense attitude. After dawning the personna of "Sugar," he had done what was thought to be impossible, taking the Hardcore Championship from Pain Train and ended his undefeated streak. Once this happened,  he made the statement that the Train was first on his list and he was the first to be destroyed. Now as one half of the most dominant force in FyF history alongside former rival Pain Train known as the Outlaw Wrecking Crew, the FyF Commissioner and first ever Midwest Champion is in complete control. Rest assured that despite the cocky, arrogant nature of Sugar Shane, once he steps in the ring, its all business as he looks to show his opponents The Big O and add another name to his "Destroyed Superstars" list.


Sugar Shane's Destroyed Superstars List

Name Date
Pain Train September 5, 2004 - Downfall
"Archangel" Phil Schmit September 12, 2004 - Weekend Warfare
"Primetime" Willy Blaze September 19, 2004 - Weekend Warfare
Brian Henderson October 3, 2004 - Domestic Disturbance
Catlin Crusher October 10, 2004 - Weekend Warfare
"Iceman" Chet McCloud October 30, 2004 - oWc Presents: Halloween Ho-Down
Blade November 7, 2004 - Now or Never: Ride or Collide

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