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FyF Tag Team Championship
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#2 Soldja
Date Won: Now or Never - April 5, 2003
How Title Was Won: After Soldja and Thug went their seperate ways, the Tag Titles were in jeopardy. The match was scheduled to be Soldja vs Thug, but Thug sprained his ankle and couldn't compete. He gave his spot to Xekutioner to defend his half of the titles, but in the end, Soldja got the win and both belts.


#1 The Gangstas - Soldja & Thug
Date Won: Domestic Disturbance - September 13, 2002
How Title Was Won: The Gangstas defeated the teams of Jason & Weazl and The Mexican & Jason (Jason was a fill-in for Andrew Pratt) in the mini-tournament to crown the first FyF Tag Team Champions.


FyF Heavyweight Title
FyF Midwest Title
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FyF Shootfight Title

FyF Hardcore Title
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FyF Television Title
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FyF Deathmatch Title
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FyF Hardcore Title Version 1
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FyF Tag Team Titles