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Real Name: Luke Donaldson

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Age: 13
Height/Weight: 5'2"/160 lbs
Theme Song: "Soldja" - Eminem
FyF Tenure: June 19, 2002 - March 25, 2003
Former Personnas: Wuke, The Blob
Titles Held: Tag Team Title (first), Hardcore Title V1 (3x)
Greatest Match: 9/13/02 - Domestic Disturbance - Thug & Soldja vs Jason & The Mexican
Finishing Move(s): Splash, Torture Chair (Camel Clutch Hair Pull)
Signature Moves: Reverse Sidewalk Slam
Information: Thug came on the scene as The Blob and won the Hardcore Title his first day out from The Shoveler. In the couple months that followed, he won the title two more times, as well as became the first ever FyF Tag Team Champions with his partner Soldja. Soon after their faction, The Gangstas (along with The Shoveler and Xekutioner) broke up, Thug handed in his resignation from the Front Yard.

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