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Bumps, Bruises, and Bloopers: The Best of FyF
May 22, 2002 - July 12, 2003

By far the best deal on the market. This two-hour long tape is packed with FyF highlights from our "Glory Days" when trampolines and cardboard boxes were standard and marked our journey through literally wrestling in the backyard up until our own WrestleMania show, Undisputed! Witness top FyF stars Brian Henderson, Soldja, Jeckel, Blade, and many more get their start and work their way to the top. See Soldja take a 15 foot dive off the house performing the Schmit-ton Bomb! History being made as the FyF has it's first deathmatch! The $1,000 light tube shot that Brian Henderson endures which leaves him in stitches! The one-hour long Iron Man match for the FyF Title at Undisputed where Jeckel makes a leap OFF THE BLEACHERS to send Brian Henderson through a table! And much, much, more is shown in this edition of Bumps, Bruises, and Bloopers!

Note: Bumps, Bruises, and Bloopers Volume 2 will be out shortly, starting where Volume 1 left off, now with the official FyF wrestling ring!

This FyF collection is now available on VHS, soon to be available on VCD.

Cost for this item is $5.00
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If you would like a copy, please email FyF Owner Brian Henderson with your information.
If you live in the Georgetown, Illinois area, you may pick up your copy yourself to avoid shipping costs. Simply explain this when e-mailing the FyF Owner.

FyF Owner Brian Henderson