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FyF Domestic Disturbance 2003

The first FyF event with a legitamate wrestling ring was a huge success. In this pay per view you witness the Two-Fall Iron Chef Match between Pyro and Soldja for not only the Television title, but the Shootfight Championship as well.

Former Deathmatch Champion Octane makes his return to the FyF in this event as he takes on Undisputed Hardcore Champion Blade.

FyF Champion Jeckel defends his World Championship against the Owner of the FyF, Brian Henderson.

The main event of the show features 18 FyF wrestlers go at it to show who the best man is in the Front Yard Federation. Jeckel, Octane, Brian Henderson, Soldja, Blade and more battle in an over the top rope Royal Rumble with the winner gaining FULL creative control over their match at November's Stairway to Hell.

This FyF event is now available on VHS, soon to be available on VCD.

Cost for this item is $5.00
Shipping cost depends on where item is being sent.

If you would like a copy, please email FyF Owner Brian Henderson with your information.
If you live in the Georgetown, Illinois area, you may pick up your copy yourself to avoid shipping costs. Simply explain this when e-mailing the FyF Owner.

FyF Owner Brian Henderson