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FyF Undisputed

The first major event in FyF history took place at the Washington Gym in Georgetown, Illinois on July 12, 2003. Although our ring wasn't completed, we still put on one of our best shows to date.

The vacated FyF Shootfight Title is decided as Soldja, Jason, Jesūs Christé, and Prep Gone Bad battle in a gauntlet match.

The FyF names its Undisputed Hardcore Champion as Soldja, Blade, Alby Stroganoff and a host of others go at it in a no-holds-barred Hardcore Battle Royal!

And, in the main event, FyF Champion Brian Henderson takes on his biggest challenge to date: a ONE HOUR IRON MAN MATCH against Jeckel! These two go through sixty minutes of hell for one prize...the Front Yard Federation Heavyweight Championship!

This FyF event is now available on VHS, soon to be available on VCD.

Cost for this item is $5.00
Shipping cost depends on where item is being sent.

If you would like a copy, please email FyF Owner Brian Henderson with your information.
If you live in the Georgetown, Illinois area, you may pick up your copy yourself to avoid shipping costs. Simply explain this when e-mailing the FyF Owner.

FyF Owner Brian Henderson