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Here is the voting area for the "Best of 2004"

Polls will open on November 7, 2004 following FyF Now or Never and will close on the third anniversary of the Front Yard Federation, May 22, 2005.

Vote all you like, but polls will not officially open until Now or Never is completed. All votes taken prior to this time will not count and hereby be deleted once official voting begins.

FyF Wrestler of the Year

Everybody has their favorite, but who was the one to stand out the most during 2004? Who contributed more to the FyF than any other? Could it be a repeat from past winners Soldja or Brian Henderson? What about additions from other federations like Jeckel, Blade, "Sugar" Shane, or Willy Blaze? Or maybe the rookie monster Pain Train was the one who tore through the competition in 2004. Any way it goes, show your support for the top FyF star of 2004 and.....

FyF Rookie of the Year

Due to popular request, the FyF will now add "Rookie of the Year" to its many accomplishments in a given year. These are for those who started their FyF careers in 2004, but may have wrestled elsewhere before that. Who'll take the title of "FyF Rookie of the Year 2004?" Willy Blaze? Pain Train? Chet McCloud? or maybe Dirty White Boy, anything's possible and its up to you to decide!

FyF Match of the Year

What was your favorite match of 2004? Was it the tag team Deathmatch from Disposable Teens? What about the Triple Threat Ladder match at Pandemonium between Jeckel, Pain Train, and "Sugar" Shane Moore? Maybe the Domestic Disturbance Royal Rumble?

FyF Event of the Year

Not every match has to be a 5-star contest to make a great show, its the draw of the matches and transition of the show that keep the crowd's attention. Did the complete disregard for human life at Disposable Teens catch your interest? or was it the threat that the FyF could be destroyed at Dowfall? maybe a good ole fashioned Royal Rumble from Domestic Disturbance is what you wanted. Take your pick and....

Most Shocking Moment of 2004

2004 was full of surprises and the FyF had plenty of them! Remember when Jeckel gave up wrestling and left Octane in a 2 on 1 handicap match at Disposable Teens only to make the save and his return at the last minute? How about seeing Brian Henderson scale the 20 foot garage and come crashing down on Blade at Undisputed 2? Then we got the formation of the most dominant group in FyF history, the Outlaw Wrecking Crew, when "Sugar" Shane Moore and Pain Train set their personal grudge aside to tear the company down piece by piece. 2004 was insane and now's your chance to choose what one moment defined the Front Yard Federation in 2004!