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"Wolverine" Devin McCloud

Real Name: Tyler Taylor

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Age: 18
Height/Weight: 6'2"/165 lbs
Theme Song: "He's Herre" - Chingy
FyF Debut: March 29, 2004
Former Personnas: None
FyF Titles Held: None
CWWF Titles Held: Heavyweight Title (3x), United States, Intercontinental, Tag Team
Greatest Match: 5/15/04 - Disposable Teens - I Quit Match - Wolverine vs Iceman
Finishing Move(s): Devin's Advocate (F-5), Stormfront (Crippler Crossface)
Signature Moves: Football Tackle, Stunner
Information: Along with his brother Chet, Devin McCloud had to fight his way into the FyF. These former CWWF (Catlin-Westville Wrestling Federation) mega-stars made their official FyF debut on March 29, 2004. The following week, in a match strictly enforced by the FyF Owner Brian Henderson, Wolverine was forced to do battle with the current Heavyweight Champion, Blade, with an FyF Contract on the line if he could defeat the champion. The contest was very evenly matched. But as Blade hit the Darkness Falls finishing move, Devin's brother Chet provided a distraction for the champion and as he turned around, inside cradle...1, 2, 3...and the new era of the FyF has begun. With both McClouds winning their matches and gaining their FyF Contracts, I'm sure these two will take the Front Yard Federation to the next level!

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