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FyF Owner Brian Henderson
FyF Milestone

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Real Name: Brian Henderson

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Age: 20
Height/Weight: 6'2"/155 lbs
Theme Song: "Faint" - Linkin Park
Debut: May 22, 2002 - Owner
           May 29, 2002 - Wrestler
Former Personas: None
Titles Held: Heavyweight Title (2x), Deathmatch Title (2x), Hardcore Title V1 (2x), Unified FyF Heavyweight/Deathmatch Champion, 2003 MVP of the Year, 2003 Match of the Year Winner, 2002 Match of the Year Winner
Greatest Match: 5/15/04 - Disposable Teens - Tag Team Deathmatch -  Brian Henderson & Blade vs Jeckel & Octane
Finishing Move(s): The Detonator (Flipping Piledriver), The Maven Effect (Halo DDT)
Signature Moves: Debilitator (Lower Leg Lock), Corkscrew Body Press, Twisting Overhead DDT, Widow's Peak, Power-Driver, Diving Forearm, Floatover Neckbreaker, Randy Orton Backbreaker
Information: Brian Henderson is much more than the promoter of the Front Yard Federation. Aside from being the brains behind all of the FyF shows and vast majority of storylines, and designer of the FyF website and music videos, he is also the premier wrestler in the federation. Winning the FyF Title in September of 2002, he carried the title a full ten months before losing to Jeckel in the first ever FyF Iron Man Match. Known as the "King of the Deathmatch" due to the fact he has been in every single (official) deathmatch the FyF has had to offer, holding the Deathmatch Championship on two occasions before retiring the title in June of 2004 when he became the Undisputed FyF Champion by defeating Blade in the FyF Heavyweight/Deathmatch Title Unification match by leaping off an 18 foot garage, sending Blade crashing through a table. As technically sound as any FyF competitor, he has many ways to defeat an opponent, but if hit with The Detonator, his trademarked Flipping Piledriver, a three count is immanent.

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