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FyF Cornerstone

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Real Name: Aaron Schmit

Age: 15
Height/Weight: 5'9"/130 lbs
Theme Song: "Soldja" - Eminem
Debut: May 22, 2002
Former Personas: Vanilla Rice, The Icepick
Titles Held: Heavyweight Title (2x, First, Retired), Shootfight Title (4x, First, Final),  Hardcore Title V1 (3x), Tag Team Title (First, Final, Only), Television Title (First), 2002 MVP of the Year, 2003 King of the FyF, 2004 Domestic Disturbance Royal Rumble Winner
Greatest Match: 11/7/04 - Now or Never: Ride or Collide - Iron Man Match -  Soldja vs Jeckel
Finishing Move(s): Schmit-ton Bomb (Swanton Bomb), Russian Roulette (Backflip Legdrop / Backwards 450)
Signature Moves: Dragon Dive, Standing Shooting Star Press, Superkick, Spin Cycle (Spinning Closeline), The Nob (Armlock DDT), Ransackery (Triple Legdrop), Moonsalt
Information: "Franchise of the FyF" is the man who constantly raises the bar every time he steps into the ring. Nephew of the FyF Owner Brian Henderson, he is no stranger to the wrestling ring, he has held nearly every title there is to offer in the Front Yard Federation. Heavyweight, Shootfight, Tag Team, Hardcore, King of the Ring, Royal Rumble winner...Long story short, don't dare underestimate this kid or you will be on the receiving end of a Schmit-ton Bomb and a 1, 2, 3!

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