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The Dirty White Boy

Real Name: Alex McCreary

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Age: 16
Height/Weight: 6'/270 lbs
Theme Song: "Dirrty" - Christina Aguilera
Debut: April 23, 2004
Former Personas: None
Titles Held: None
Greatest Match: 5/15/04 - Disposable Teens - Dirty White Boy vs Diablo vs Bea Mex
Finishing Move(s): Samoan Drop
Signature Moves:
Information: The Dirty White Boy is a new addition to the FyF roster. In his tryout match against Joker on April 23, 2004, he showed that he could hang with the big boys in the FyF as he manhandled the former Television Champion, gaining the victory in this non-title contest. Officially debuting at FyF Disposable Teens against Diablo & Bea Mex, Dirty White Boy began his wrestling career on the right track and look like he could be a major title contender in the time to come.

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