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Real Name: Andrew Moody

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Age: 14
Height/Weight: 5'4"/115 lbs
Theme Song: "Left" - Nickleback
FyF Tenure: October 19, 2002 - April 17, 2004
Former Personas: None
Titles Held: None
Greatest Match: 11/8/02 - King of the Deathmatch - BLT 3 - Dozer vs Soldja
Finishing Move(s): The Forklift (Death Valley Driver)
Signature Moves: Jackhammer, Moonsalt, Cross Body
Information: Dozer entered the scene after Domestic Disturbance 2002 and was very impressive. On his first day, he defeated former FyF Champion Jason, Soldja, and nearly won the FyF Title from then-champion Brian Henderson in a four-way ladder match! This was the same day that this 14 year old was chokeslammed off the ROOF onto a pile of sticks and rusted metal! He also gave Soldja a run for his money on November 8th's King of the Deathmatch where he took him to the limit in B.L.T. 3. On April 17, 2004 The FyF Owner set an ultimatum for inactive wrestlers. Since Dozer did not have a signed contract, he was released from the federation, but is one of the few who is on our "rehire list" if in fact he wishes to return.

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