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El Niņo

Real Name: Adam Arrasmith

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Age: 14
Height/Weight: 5'5"/115 lbs
Theme Song: "Return of the Tres" - Delinquent Habits
FyF Tenure: July 2002 - April 17, 2004
Former Personas: The Mexican
Titles Held: None
Greatest Match: None
Finishing Move(s): Spinaround DDT
Signature Moves:
Information: The Mexican debuted soon after the FyF's first show, Champion of the Trampoline. In February of 2004, he dawned a mask and called himself El Nino, thus joining the new faction Mexican Heritage. Although he never officially debuted under the gimmick, he was released from his spot on the roster on April 17, 2004 for not having his contract signed, but will be welcomed back simply because of his pre-existing wrestling abilities if only he had more determination.

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