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FyF Hardcore Championship
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#3 "Sugar" Shane Moore
Date Won: Downfall - September 5, 2004
How Title Was Won: On September 5, 2004 Sugar Shane did what was thought to be impossible, he derailed the Pain Train when he defeated him in the first ever Georgetown Street Fight after connecting with "The Big O" (RKO) on a street sign. Three short seconds later, Sugar Shane goes down in history. Not only did he win the Hardcore Championship, but he also was the first man to get a victory of any sort over the until recently undefeated Pain Train!


#2 Pain Train
Date Won: Pandemonium - July 10, 2004
How Title Was Won: In Jeckel's second of three matches that day, he put up his Hardcore Championship against Pain Train and "Sugar" Shane Moore. All three men went through hell and after Sugar was handcuffed, Train made a leap off the ladder to put Jeckel through a table and seconds later, win the Hardcore Championship!


#1 Jeckel
Date Won: Stairway to Hell - November 8, 2003
How Title Was Won: Jeckel won the Royal Rumble in October and thus found a loophole in the rules, getting himself a shot at the Undisputed Hardcore Title. In the double title ladder match, Jeckel lost the FyF Championship, but was able to win the Hardcore Title. This made it no longer Undisputed and it reverted back to its former state as a disputable FyF Championship.


FyF Heavyweight Title
FyF Midwest Title
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FyF Hardcore Title
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FyF Television Title
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FyF Hardcore Title Version 1
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