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FyF Heavyweight Championship


#9 Soldja
Date Won: November 7, 2004 - Now or Never
How Title Was Won: In arguably the match of the year, Soldja went head to head with Jeckel in the most grueling contest any wrestler can ever go through, the Iron Man Match. When the sixty minutes were up, the score remained tied 8-8, which caused Jeckel to retain the title. But when FyF Owner Brian Henderson came out and made a judgment call to continue the match and, by rule of Commissioner Shane Moore, under No Holds Barred Sudden Death Rules, one fall to a finish, Soldja managed to score the deciding fall after a Schmit-Ton Bomb to become the new FyF World Heavyweight Champion!


#8 Jeckel
Date Won: October 3, 2004 - Domestic Disturbance
How Title Was Won: Tag team partners Jeckel and Blade were forced to compete for the FyF Title at Domestic Disturbance in a match that very easily could have gone either way, but after Commisioner Shane Moore gave Blade a Big O, Jeckel nailed the 450 splash and walks away the FyF World Heavyweight Champion!


#7 Blade
Date Won: September 12, 2004
How Title Was Won: After Blade & Jeckel completely annihilated Brian Henderson's nephew Soldja, Brian quickly got to the ring to challenge both former IWF members. Only Blade accepted, but only if the belt was on the line. After Brian hit his patented finishing move, The Detonator, Jeckel got involved, hit a cutting edge and Blade made the cover, giving us a new FyF Heavyweight Champion


#6 Brian Henderson
Date Won: Undisputed 2 - June 12, 2004
How Title Was Won: It was champion vs champion in the main event of FyF Undisputed 2 when Brian Henderson put his Deathmatch Championship up against Blade's FyF Championship. With Blade duct taped to a table, Brian climbed the 18 foot garage and finished him off with a massive splash to win the Last Man Standing match and the FyF Undisputed Championship!


#5 Blade
Date Won: Stairway to Hell - November 8, 2003
How Title Was Won: In the double title ladder match, Blade managed to grab the Heavyweight Title moments before Jeckel obtained the Hardcore Championship.


#4 Jeckel
Date Won: Undisputed - July 12, 2003
How Title Was Won: Jeckel battled Brian Henderson at Undisputed in the first ever FyF Iron Man Match. After 70 minutes of straight wrestling (Soldja was cameraman and couldn't count that day), Jeckel climbed the bleachers at the Washington Gym and delivered the 5* Splash, winning the match 8-6.


#3 Brian Henderson
Date Won: Domestic Disturbance - September 13, 2002
How Title Was Won: During the four way match between Brian, Jason, Soldja, and Alkatraz, Brian made the final elimination after putting Alkatraz through a table.


#2 Jason
Date Won: June 25, 2002
How Title Was Won: Just days after Jason's win at Champion of the Trampoline, Jason defeated the Icepick for the Heavyweight Title in a ladder match.


#1 The Icepick
Date Won: May 28, 2002
How Title Was Won: The FyF had a Royal Rumble to determine our first heavyweight champion. The Icepick (Soldja) won the match after a knee drop from a 6 foot ladder.


FyF Heavyweight Title
FyF Midwest Title
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