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Real Name: Timmie Powell

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Age: 19
Height/Weight: 6'2"/185 lbs
Theme Song: "Kamikaze" - Twista
Debut: July 24, 2002
Former Personas: None
Titles Held: Heavyweight Title (2x), Hardcore Title V2, Hardcore Title V1, 2004 King of the Ring, 2003 Domestic Disturbance Royal Rumble Winner, 2003 Match of the Year Winner
IWF Titles Held: Heavyweight Title, Hardcore (First, Last, Only)
Greatest Match: 11/7/04 - Now or Never: Ride or Collide - Iron Man Match -  Jeckel vs Soldja
Finishing Move(s): Kamikaze Splash (450 Splash), Pedipile (Tiger Driver)
Signature Moves: Cutting Edge (Spinning DDT), Reverse Cutting Edge (Spinning Reverse DDT), Standing Shooting Star, Kamikaze Drop (Backflip Fallaway Slam), Fallaway Slam, Alpha Bomb, 5* Splash, Jackhammer, Texas Cloverleaf, Reverse Suplex
Information: Jeckel is the total package when it comes to a wrestling superstar. He has the power, speed, agility, and technical prowess needed to get him anywhere he wants to go in the sport. Proving he's still the best there is in the FyF, he defeated his own tag team partner Blade for the FyF Championship at Domestic Disturbance.

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