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Pain Train

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Real Name: Michael Nargelenas

Age: 20
Height/Weight: 6'1"/270 lbs
Theme Song: "Raise Up (FyF Mix)" - Saliva
Debut: May 15, 2004
Former Personas: None
Titles Held: OWC World Heavyweight Title (current), Hardcore Title
Greatest Match: 7/10/04 - Hardcore Ladder Match - Pain Train vs Jeckel vs "Sugar" Shane Moore
Finishing Move(s): Twisted Track Slam (Black Hole Slam), Train Bomb (Twisting Splash)
Signature Moves:  BoxCar Bomb (F-Five), Closeline from Hell, The Pounce,  Dedneck Drop (Full Nelson Crunch), Bionic Elbow
Information: As intimidating as they come, the Pain Train is the muscle behind the Foundation. He strikes fear into the hearts of any man who would be unfortunate enough to stand across the ring from him. Mearly two months since debuting in the federation, the undefeated Pain Train has dethroned former champion Jeckel when he became the FyF Hardcore Champion at Pandemonium on July 10, 2004. Although suffering his first loss in the FyF to "Sugar" Shane Moore at Downfall, he shocked the world when he joined Sugar to form the most destructive force in FyF history, The Outlaw Wrecking Crew, at Domestic Disturbance. After completely dismantling former friends Brian Henderson and Soldja, the OWC simply stepped over the top rope saying they'd get that FyF Title on their terms and when their good and ready. Now the Train gets what he's wanted for the past 5 months, at FyF Now or Never on November 7, he gets FyF Owner Brian Henderson one on one for the OWC World Heavyweight Championship.

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