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FyF Television Championship
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#6 "Iceman" Chet McCloud
Date Won: Undisputed 2 - June 12, 2004
How Title Was Won: At FyF Undisputed 2, the Shootfight and Television Titles were held up and the final two participants in the battle royal (Chet McCloud & Phil Schmit) would battle in an unprecidented Best of 7 contest to declare an Undisputed FyF Shootfight Champion. With a score of 4-3, The Iceman came out victorious and thus retired the FyF Television Title.


#5 Gooch
Date Won: Disposable Teens - May 15, 2004
How Title Was Won: Although without a doubt the smallest man in the company, little Gooch shocked us all again when he went into Disposable Teens and dethrowned Lethal DJ to become the FyF Television Champion!


#4 Lethal DJ
Date Won: April 24, 2004
How Title Was Won: In a four corners Television Title match between Joker, Lethal DJ, Gooch, and Prep Gone Bad, Lethal DJ managed to get a submission victory over Gooch and due to the four corners stipulation, subsequently won Joker's TV Title, although Joker was not involved in the decision.


#3 Joker
Date Won: February 27, 2004
How Title Was Won: On February 21, 2004, Television Champion Pyro moved to Louisiana and was forced to vacate the Television Title, as well as temporarily quit the FyF until summer of 2005. On February 27, a battle royal was held to determine the new champion. Joker ended up the victor after consecutively eliminating Soldja and his own partner in "Mexican Heritage," Bloodthirst.


#2 Pyro
Date Won: Domestic Disturbance - October 18, 2003
How Title Was Won: In a two-fall Iron Chef match, Pyro nailed Soldja with a randomized gunk-filled guitar and won the TV title in the first fall.


#1 Soldja
Date Won: Pandemonium - August 20, 2003
How Title Was Won: As a added perk of the 2003 FyF King of the FyF tournament at Pandemonium, Soldja became the first FyF Television Champion after pinning Brian Henderson in the finals.


FyF Heavyweight Title
FyF Midwest Title
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FyF Shootfight Title

FyF Hardcore Title
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FyF Television Title
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FyF Deathmatch Title
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FyF Hardcore Title Version 1
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