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FyF Shootfight Champion

Final Champion: Soldja
Date Won: Pandemonium - July 10, 2004
Won From: "Iceman" Chet McCloud
How Title Was Won: After his win over Chet McCloud at Pandemonium, Soldja put his Shootfight Title on the line at Domestic Disturbance against Joker in a Retirement Match. As the last Shootfight Title match in FyF history, Soldja got the win after a Russian Roulette. Holding the title 4 times as well as being the first AND final titleholder, Soldja goes down in history as the Undisputed FyF Shootfight Champion.

Title History


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FyF Hardcore Champion

Final Champion: "Sugar" Shane Moore
Date Won: Downfall - September 5, 2004
Won From: Pain Train
How Title Was Won: On September 5, 2004 Sugar Shane did what was thought to be impossible, he derailed the Pain Train when he defeated him in the first ever Georgetown Street Fight after connecting with "The Big O" (RKO) on a street sign. Then, on October 3, Moore put the title on the line against FyF Owner Brian Henderson in return for a shot to become the FyF Commissioner. After defeating the King of the Deathmatch, Sugar proclaimed he was "too pretty" for the Hardcore Title and thus renamed it the FyF Midwest Championship!
Title History


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FyF Deathmatch Champion

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Final Champion: Brian Henderson
Date Won: Disposable Teens - May 15, 2004
Won From: Jeckel
How Title Was Won: In the Tag Team Deathmatch at Disposable Teens, all four men went through hell in an effort to prove that they are the man to beat in the FyF, but in the end, it was Brian Henderson getting the pinfall over Jeckel to become the FyF Deathmatch Champion and lay claim to the label of  "King of the Deathmatch" here in the Front Yard Federation! Following this, at Undisputed 2, Brian put his Deathmatch Title on the line against Blade's Heavyweight Title and after Brian's 18 foot dive off the garage, he became the Undisputed FyF Champion, thus retiring the Deathmatch Title.
Title History


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FyF Television Champion

Final Champion: "Iceman" Chet McCloud
Date Won: Undisputed 2 - June 12, 2004
Won From: "Archangel" Phil Schmit
How Title Was Won: At FyF Undisputed 2, the Shootfight and Television Titles were held up and the final two participants in the battle royal (Chet McCloud & Phil Schmit) would battle in an unprecidented Best of 7 contest to declare an Undisputed FyF Shootfight Champion. With a score of 4-3, The Iceman came out victorious and thus retired the FyF Television Title.

Title History


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FyF Tag Team Champions

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Final Champions: Soldja
Date Won: Now or Never - April 5, 2003
Won From: Xekutioner
How Title Was Won: The Gangstas had a split after Soldja and Thug had a power struggle and decided to settle their diferences one on one for the tag belts. When Thug sprained his ankle and couldn't make it, he gave his spot to his new partner, Xekutioner. After 3 frog splashes from a 12 foot ladder, 2 Schmit-ton Bombs from a 10 foot ladder, a Crippler Crossface, and finally The Nob onto a trash can, Soldja got the pin became the sole owner of both tag team titles. Soon after, the titles were retired due to lack of competition. If and when the titles ever do return, Soldja and a partner of his choice will automatically become the champions, since he never lost the belts.

Title History


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FyF Hardcore Championship - Version 1 /
FyF Undisputed Hardcore Championship

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Final Champion: Blade
Date Won: King of the Deathmatch - November 8, 2002 / Undisputed - July 12, 2003
Won From: Jeckel / Battle Royal
How Title Was Won: The original FyF Hardcore Title was defended all day, every day thanks to the WWE letting us borrow their 24/7 rule. It was defended this way from May of  2002 until July of 2003. On November 8, 2002, Blade won the title at King of the Deathmatch and dissapeared for a few months, not allowing anyone to beat him for the belt. He carried the title through July of 2003, when Brian Henderson vacated it and announced that it would go to the winner of the battle royal at Undisputed. Blade eventually won this match, declaring him the Undisputed Hardcore Champion. He held this until Jeckel found a loophole in the title and forced Blade to defend it at Stairway to Hell. Once Jeckel won this title, it made it no longer Undisputed, reverting it back to it's former state as a disputable FyF Championship, minus the 24/7 rule.

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